What It’s Like to be Always On

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Wall Art “Always on” is a common term in public relations and I have begun to associate the term with my every day life. Walking through life in an “always on” manner can be draining and exhausting. It’s like a camera is literally on you all of the time. In no way am I complaining but sometimes I look at my schedule for the week ahead and I ask myself “how am I about to do this?” Answer: you just do. I am quickly learning I can’t and shouldn’t say yes to everything because my well being comes first and I need to look out for myself. My day job requires me to be “always on” and that carries over to after hours at events and outings with friends too. On top of it all, more recently I have been asked questions like “how do you blog and work at the same time?” or “why did you decide to start a blog” and the occasional “do you get free products?” All are valid questions and in so little words, I would say it begins with hustle.

So what is hustle? It pairs well with always on because you work hard to get to where you want to be,  you show the world what you have to offer with an always on mind set.

Hustle*Merriam Webster dictionary


  • to sell or promote energetically and aggressively

I am constantly promoting something whether it be at work or my personal brand. At work,  I want to do good work, sell my ideas to my team and clients and show others that I can handle whatever comes my way. With Lex and the City,  I am constantly thinking of cool lifestyle photos, what new content might look like, and how can I do something different that is interesting to others. I walk down Michigan Avenue everyday, to and from work- think of how many photo ideas run through my mind. “What about standing in the middle of the street, jumping up in the air? What about creating a video at dusk when the lighting is just right? What about running along the river walk, striking a pose?” I swear these visions I have in my head are way cooler than writing them down, so I ask for you to trust me. When people ask what is my blog about, I always answer, city life and style but I have begun to realize it’s so much more than that. I want to show the hustle of working 40+ hours a week and showcase my style, but I also want to be doing something that screams adventure at the same time. Something that says:  who cares what other people think? Ultimately if I can do something that inspires others to do it too, my job as an influencer is done. I want to create original content that no one else has done and I want the ideas in my mind to come to life, shown through images and storytelling.

I am content with how I choose to walk through life, with the upmost hustle and always on attitude. I continue to surround myself with people who are loving and kind and inspire me to think differently and be the best version of myself. I would never complain about having so much going on, it is my choice and I take pride in that I really can do anything I set my mind to. From my full time job, I have learned how to manage more than one thing at once. I choose to embrace my job, blogging and my personal life, as opposed to stress out about it. I love seeing my job and blog overlap with each other, and the opportunity to always learn. I do receive products from brands and have had AMAZING opportunities to partner with brands I truly believe in. I am constantly inspired by women who have established themselves as hardworking socialites, and am determined to work just as hard, and if not harder to build my brand, make myself known, and inspire others too.

So what’s up next? I am off to Austin, Texas for work this morning but reminiscing over the fun weekend I had and the excitement over showing you my latest bedroom decor. I have never been fully satisfied with my bedroom decor and now it is JUST the way I love it. I linked each poster from Desenio below in case you are interested! You can use my code ‘lexandthecity’ for 25% off posters from March 6 (TOMORROW!) until the 8th. Shop their website- their posters are amazing.

Here is to the week ahead, and those who are always on and hustle.



Wall Art

Top Row, left to right:

Bed of Flowers



Bottom row, left to right:

Lady in Black



Ballerina in the window



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Always on what a great post! I loved how honest you are and yes never loose the hustle.
Thank you for always stopping by! xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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