Weekend Brunch: Sundays are for the Girls

Brunch with Pampelonne

Happy Friday! Brunch plans for the weekend I hope? I have been dying to have a gal’s brunch on a warm summer afternoon, and it was an absolute must after I moved in and discovered my building’s cute little roof deck. I invited a few of my gal pals over for some small bites and drinks because what’s better then basking in the sunlight with good company? Answer: NOTHING.

I am a cocktail gal and while I respect those who drink hard alcohol, I was never one to be able to drink as such. When I tried Pampelonne, it was everything I love in a cocktail and more, combining lots of great flavors in a can. Something fancy and sharp peeked my interest, so Pampelonne’s lovely French 75 cocktail was the perfect drink for a Sunday afternoon.

You can purchase it on their website (linked HERE) or at your nearest Whole Foods. While this cute little cocktail in a can looks oh so Instagram-worthy, it really is an added bonus that it is low in calories, carbohydrates and it’s gluten free. I was so curious about the ingredients in the French 75 so if you are intrigued by this cocktail like I was, The Pampelonne French 75 is made up of three distinct flavors that are layered for lack of a better word. First, it has aromatics of juniper, then Meyer lemon, which is tarty but it brings a balanced sweetness with notes of spicy bergamot. The cocktail’s signature, Elderflower, rounds out all the flavors to the drink and ta-da! You have yourself a classy French 75.

To continue on with the bright, fresh flavors of the cocktail, we had finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, guacamole and pico de gallo, along with a few different cheeses (because what is a party without fancy goat cheese and Brie cheese?!), crackers and prosciutto with mozzarella.

While going out in Chicago to brunch is so very fun and exciting, I encourage you to host a Sunday brunch of your own once in awhile. It is relaxing having your girls around, drinking delicious drinks, snacking on yummy foods, catching up and laughing lots because that is what is most important. By the way, Girlfriend’s day is on Tuesday, August 1st so if you work during the week like me, brunching this weekend with your girls is the perfect way to celebrate.



Brunch with PampelonneBrunch with PampelonneBrunch with PampelonneBrunch with PampelonneBrunchBrunch with Pampelonne



Kristi Gorski

You threw the absolute cutest brunch party!! FYI thanks for reminding me about Girlfriend’s Day!!

XO, Kristi

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