Wedding Season: A Few of My Beauty Essentials

Tan Luxe

Tan Luxe

I would love to know how many weddings there were around this weekend because everywhere I looked on social media, someone was having a great time at a fancy wedding, near and far. But even with this amazing weather outside, I have been missing out on prime tanning time (my skin will thank me later…) which means I need to be smart about how I get my skin hydrated and taken care of with a nice glow before events! When it comes to beauty products, a few of my go-tos before events are not only a necessity of mine but products I genuinely enjoy writing about because they are quality products, my body takes to them well, and I am happy with the results!


Out of the bunch, I LOVE the face drops. I mix one to two drops in with my moisturizer in the morning before I put on my foundation and throughout the day I get a great glow! It lasts for a few days too if you use it for 2-3 days in a row! My skin doesn’t break out and takes to the oil very well which isn’t always the case with products for your skin. This is an ultimate go to for me when I am feeling super pale and would definitely recommend for any occasion where you want a bit more color. The water product is another great one because you tan over the course of 4(ish) hours, it smells great and doesn’t streak! Just rub it on in and wash your hands after. Click the icons below to purchase a few of my favorites.

Starskin Facemasks

You have probably heard about Starskin and have had your hesitations because it has picked up media coverage here and there. I have to say I tried their masks and I am obsessed with them. They smell amazing and each unique mask lives up to its word whether its a detox mask, hydrating or glowing effect that you are going for, it is the real deal. Use it a few days before an event or a wedding and you are golden.

Slip Pillow Case

Something that goes beyond weddings and events and is that you don’t normally think about is a pillowcase and how important it is. The more I thought about it, the more I realized you need to always have a clean sheet to sleep on to avoid dirt getting into your pores after you do your nightly routine! Don’t have all that time and effort go to waste! My SLIP pillowcase in gold has been my hidden gem as it is great for hair and skin, and its so cozy to sleep on too! Such a Kardashian move, I know.. BUT it is worth the splurge and your skin will thank you later.

Too Cool for School Moisturizer and Facial Cleanser

To be honest I was not sure about this product.. eggs as an ingredient for hydration? My skin is always dry so I thought I would give this product a shot and I have been using it ever since. The moisturizer has collagen in it so it tightens the skin and hydrates it at the same time (ooh ahhh…). The facial cleanser is a light foam that you put all over and helps clean your skin, while hydrating at the same time.

Any new beauty products you have recently tried that are your alma matter before weddings and events? Comment below and let me know!
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