We Bought a Home!!

WE BOUGHT A CONDO! We closed in mid-February and have been doing home renovations ever since! It’s been a whirlwind especially with everything going on right now, but at the same time I guess if you have to move, now is kind of a good time?

Bill and I had our hearts set on East Lakeview. I used to live in the neighborhood after college, and always told myself I wanted to live there long term. It’s full of neighborhood coffee shops, sushi hot spots, restaurants… you name it! And the neighborhood is still close enough to the lake that it’s an easy walk. With set hearts we were willing to wait until we found the perfect home.

You might be wondering why we lived in Streeterville for a few years. There are a lot of reasons but the main and most important one was we wanted to be close to Bill’s dad as he was a bit older before he passed and we wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. We loved being close to him and having Michigan Avenue and the lake footsteps away from our apartment. We made many memories in our Streeterville home! From summer nights on the rooftop (my favorite) to redecorating to bringing the girls home for the first time.. to decorating my room to be the prettiest bedroom I’ve ever lived in! The list goes on! We will hold onto those memories as we carry on to the next milestone!


We are taking this weekend to move the majority of our apartment.. and so far it has been going so well! Moving can be SO stressful, but Redi-Box has made the entire process easy and environmentally¬†friendly! Cardboard boxes and tape create such a large amount of waste (and it’s so expensive!!), and they can be really unreliable in terms of how they hold up during a big move. Redi-Box is a great eco-friendly alternative that really helped Bill and I with moving without having the additional stress of cardboard boxes.

The boxes are made with sturdy plastic so we didn’t have to worry about anything breaking apart and all of my clothes ending up in a puddle on a sidewalk of Chicago (can you imagine…). Plus they delivered the boxes before we moved and will pick them up after so we can focus on unpacking and setting up the new place!

We are moving during a pandemic (no fun!) but Redi-Box was on top of their sanitization game. They made sure each and every box was thoroughly cleaned to stop any spread of germs so we didn’t have to sacrifice an eco-friendly move to stay healthy during this crazy time. I highly recommend using them for your next move!!

Use the code AWESOME for $15 off your service!

We are moving the bigger furniture next week and Friday night will be the first night in our new home!!! So many home renovation stories to share with you and thank you for following along on this journey with us!



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