Jumpsuit Your Way to Summer Fashion!

Forever 21 Summer

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day :). I am all about comfort when it comes to those long summer days in the sunshine, so why not go for a flowy dress, romper or jumpsuit for the ultimate look and comfort? I was looking for something I could wear to events in the summer that was breezy, fashionable, and different all at the same time and met my match with this Forever 21 jumpsuit. Not only did it have me dreaming of a tropical paradise (clearly I want a vacation) but the colorful details and halter tie around the neck was too cute to pass up. Cute? Eh let’s change that and go with fierce. The thin material is super airy (which is a must for me because I get hot so easily!)  and I love the coloring of the jumpsuit- perfect for an event on a rooftop or by the lake.

My favorite jumpsuits don’t stop there. Take a look below at a few I have been eyeing as I look to build out my jumpsuit resume even more! What kind of styles do you like to see on jumpsuits? Holla ‘atcha girl and let me know with a comment below! Sharing my favorite jumpsuits, shoes and accessories all linked below.

Forever 21 jumpsuit



My Forever 21 Jumpsuit

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