Tour de Frosé: Chicago’s Best Frosé in the City

Everyone loves Frosé. It has been the hot cocktail of the summer with slight variations in color and ingredients making a statement on restaurant menus and Instagrammers swoon. The sweet pink cocktail quickly became a summer staple that I came to love too, hence the lovely event my gal Kati and I put on, named Tour de Frosé.

Kati and I love exploring different restaurants and bars in Chicago, especially after work when a cocktail is much needed! We were fortunate enough to partner with five restaurants for the tour: Tiny Tapp, Saint Lou’s Assembly, Hampton Social, Drumbar and Celeste.

Below is a recap of the different tastes and experiences we had at each stop of the tour! I recommend trying all frosé’s whether you are craving a river view, live music or a fun patio, you can’t go wrong.

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Stop 1: Tiny Tapp @ the Riverwalk

Tiny Tapp has a very lax feel with great people watching and scenic views of the river. Not to mention boats can dock right in front of Tiny Tapp and keep the party going. The Frosé at Tiny Tapp has a great lemon zest to it, which was something I did not expect! The lemon zest combined with strawberry flavors made the frosé easy to sip (almost too easy!) and the added toppings matched the summer feel.  In case you didn’t know, Tiny Tapp has a cute cafe connected for quick snacks and coffee if you’re looking for a quick bite!

Frosé in ChicagoFrosé in ChicagoFrosé in Chicago

Stop 2: Frosé at Saint Lou’s Assembly

Where Kati and I’s idea of Tour de Frosé all began! Saint Lou’s Frosé couldn’t be more perfect on its cute patio and yummy diner eats. The taste of their frosé is more tart flavored, almost with a dash of bitters added to the frothy delight with a raspberry on top. Highly recommend Saint Lou’s on a early Saturday afternoon with a group of friends: it is a comfortable amount of people with enough tables and chairs to grab a seat.

Frosé in Chicago

Frosé in Chicago Frosé in Chicago Frosé in Chicago

Stop 3: The Hampton Social


Many would agree that Hampton Social was the catalyst of rosé in Chicago once it started to become popular. With an east coast vibe, live music and swinging hammocks, you feel so comfortable and relaxed as  a light breeze passes by. I have been to Hampton Social before and it is just as cozy in the winter as it is in the summer with its beachy, all white charm. Hampton Social’s frosé has a bit of peach puree blended in the fruity drink and it isn’t too sweet or tart-like! Great happy-hour spot after a long day’s work too!

Frosé in Chicago

Stop 4: Drumbar

Drumbar is a block away from my apartment, and it is my new go-to that is a quick walk away! I LOVE that on Saturdays at 4pm they have live music every weekend (the music is by So Far Sounds!) and every weekend is something new! You are able to make a reservation in advance which I would highly recommend if you want a comfy couch. Drumbar is great to bring a date, a few friends or even when mom and dad are in town. Their inside bar is dark wood with a cozy fireplace, perfect for writing blog posts in the winter or for a cup of coffee on a cold winter day.Their frosé has a sweet and refreshing taste, probably the sweetest of the bunch but I love that the rose taste is so apparent in every sip!

Frosé in ChicagoFrosé in ChicagoFrosé in Chicago

Stop 5: Celeste

If you are looking for somewhere that has a “calm before the storm” feel, Celeste should be your go-to! It has a charming rooftop with ivory walls and rustic white table and chairs. Around 5/6pm it is rather quiet but their music is great as you sip on their berry-filled frosé. You will see from the photos that this is the berriest of all of the frosé’s- which to me, it tasted like a delicious fruit smoothie! Make sure to check out Celeste and its sister bar, Disco Chicago for its lit up floor and groovy tunes.

Frosé in Chicago

Frosé in Chicago

Ride with Via

Have you heard of Via before? Throughout our day, we were transported from place to place by sleek Via rides which was so efficient! Via is a ride sharing service that takes you from point A to point B within certain areas of Chicago, in an easy and stylish way! If you have never used Via before, be sure to use my referral code LEXANDTHECITY for 3 free rides (terms apply)! Download the app HERE. Special thank you to Via for making our tour that much more fun.

Frosé in Chicago

And that’s a wrap! I am already thinking of what the next event will be in coming months, but it won’t be for awhile as I am still fighting off the delicious sugar coma from the weekend. A special thank you again to all the restaurants who participated and VIA for easy and stylish transportation.


Until the next tour, thank you for following along! Make sure to check out my weekend brunch post featuring my favorite sparkling wine!



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You’ve inspired me!! I’m headed to hampton Social tonight!! Cheers babe


It looked like SO much fun! I especially adore those pictures of you at Drumbar. Such a gorgeous lady! Can’t wait for the next event.

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