‘Tis the Season to Love Your Skincare Products

I have been a dedicated Chanel makeup fan since high school (I hear my friends giving me a good chuckle in my head). But when it came to budgeting, I figured I needed to explore new moisturizers that kept my skin from being dry, one that really paired well with my foundation, Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua, and one that was quality but within a reasonable price. There are a few things I still purchase from Chanel because let’s be honest, the quality is amazing and you can splurge here and there on things you love and most importantly, WORK.

My must haves by Chanel when it comes to my skin is the Lotion Confort Toner and Creamy Milk Cleanser. I use the Lotion Comfort every morning before putting anything else on my face to make sure I get any dirt off my skin and to really wake my skin up! The milk moisturizer is great two-three times a week just as a creamy, soft cleanser. My skin loves it and I am always feeling revived after using it!

Then I had a friend recommend Korres. And let me tell you, the greek yogurt base is just what my skin needs to make sure it is well nourished all day long (and to get me through this cold winter!). The Wild Rose Line is my favorite so far! The Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil serves as my base serum (always recommend a serum before your moisturizer) to really lock in the moisture and then I use the 24 hour Brightening and Moisturizing Cream. My skin feels soft and ready for the day after I start with these two.

At night I use the Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial and WOAH. I kid you not I wake up in the morning and my skin is so bright! Korres is affordable and really great for all skin types. I recently gave its Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum a try (Thanks to Sephora!) and I thought it was great on my skin, but the Rose line is my overall favorite so far. Korres is my all time essential especially living through oh so famous Chicago winters. I also use Fresh Sugar Lip Polish once or twice a week when my lips are feeling super flakey and dry.. they always feel great the next morning!

I encourage you to go into Sephora and ask for a few samples and give Korres a try. Let me know what you think!



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