Time Management: Blogging and PR 101

Time Management

Time Management: The Work Week

It’s always fun when people ask “how do you work AND blog all the time?” Trust me, it’s hard. But I have learned a thing or two about time management now more than ever. Outside of office hours, I want to have fun with friends, but sometimes when I am heading out of work, I still am in the mindset of “always being on,” which is a common phrase in PR. Being able to balance my time is hard because I work 9-5 Monday through Friday, sometimes earlier and sometimes later, and when three o’clock comes around I am sipping on cold brew coffee with almond milk before hitting the gym around 6PM. If I have an event to go to after work, it’s skip the gym and touch up before heading out for a fun night.

In so little words…

  • Work (PR)
  • Work (Gym)
  • Work (Blog)
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

I constantly depend on calendars and reminders in my phone to give me a heads up on what is coming up, even two weeks out, because there is always so much going on and all the while I have to make sure I am writing content, going to events, trying new beauty products, and staying up to date on the latest trends. Constant reminders and calendars have become my new best friend, but I make sure I am planning accordingly and fit in some down time too. I love being able to work in two different industries, see how they intertwine and enjoy them as separate entities too.

Choose Your Time Wisely on the Weekend

Thank goodness for having friends who share similar passions as me. I mean come on you put two girls in a cute setting at brunch and get some photos here and there… one might say basic but I say it is bound to be a great time. On the weekends I typically get a few outfit shots in and if I have any new beauty products to snap, I will usually fit them in on a Saturday morning. I love being with my friends and being able to share what I am doing via social media in real time. Sunday I try and set aside some time to relax and blog, catch up on emails, and brainstorm new blog ideas.

Time Management


Time Management Tips

There are moments when I wish I had more time to commit to both my job and blogging, but honestly if I want something bad enough, I am the type of person who is going to hustle to get to where I want to be. Something I always remind myself is to most importantly have fun. I wanted to start blogging because I have always had the personality to “paint the town red” and give a good recommendation of where to eat or a cute outfit for a night out. I always joke with my friends that I should have been a personal concierge in my past life, because I enjoy giving recommendations and making other people happy.

For my PR friends: Work can be tough and sometimes it might feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Remember that there is always tomorrow and as long as you are giving it all you’ve got, then you are going to be OK. Set a list of priorities for the day and think two steps ahead how you can get a jump start on something to make your life easier and how you can make your bosses live’s easier. People notice and it is much appreciated.

For my Blogger friends: Don’t forget to really be in the moment and separate yourself from your phone for a few minutes. Enjoy good company and good ambiance because a good time doesn’t come from your phone, it comes from the people you are with and the places you are at. Hustle and share what you love with others, but be respectful and be kind to others. Always.

I am still trying to nail down the art of time management, but for now, I think I am doing ok. Cruising through the city with friends in cute outfits and going to fun events never hurt anyone, right? Be sure to check out my other post on Public Relations to read more about agency life.



Photography by: Daniel Mendoza

Time Management





I love this post! I get asked a lot about my time management, especially when im balancing work, blog, photography, and volunteering. Can you tell i was that overachieving kId in HS? Had to learn Effective time management at a very young age and have been able to take that skillset and hone it to apply to whatever im Currently doing. cheers to a new work week, herring stuff done, and taking time for us in thw process.



All of this is seriously SO true! I really needed this reminder, especially today on a Monday. Cheers to a new week!

Katie Kelly

i. love. this. article. the past month i have been so OVERWHELMED, but it truly has been a time management learning curve for me. plus, it is so nice to kinda unplug on the weekends and be present with family and friends.

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