The Perfect Holiday Staycation

With Bill and I always on the go, it’s sometimes hard for us to make time for one another- even in our own home! We decided to have a relaxing weekend getaway at the Trump International Hotel and from start to finish our stay was impeccable. Each and every person greeted us with the warmest smile and was so happy to host us. I think from working at Nordstrom and being so customer service oriented myself, there is something to be said about service when it is done exceptionally, and that in and of itself deserves to be recognized. If you are looking for a great staycation option, you will not be disappointed!

Speaking of customer service, I have an anecdotal story for you. When my friend Em and I flew to Kauai together, we were fortunate enough to fly first class on United. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop with our swanky pod like seats. I thought it was so cool. Before the flight started, the captain came out and introduced himself to everyone in the cabin, shook their hand and said welcome aboard and was excited to have the chance to fly together. I will never forget this. I am not a nervous flyer because I have flown so much but WOW. Any sense of anxiety instantly left my body because I knew I was in good hands. Towards the end of our flight, the captain came out and wrote individual notes to everyone in our cabin that said “Dear Alexis, it was a pleasure being able to serve you and have you aboard. Hope to fly the friendly skies with you again soon.” My jaw about dropped at this genuine customer service as moments like these should happen more often.

Following my flight I made it point to find the CEO of United’s email address and send him a note about my experience because it deserved to be recognized (zero shame in my game). It was customer service done right, and I hope to fly with the same captain again soon.

In any case, where customer service meets luxury, check out below on my experience at Trump Hotel. I can’t wait to go back soon!

The Room

Our room was so cozy and modern. I was partial to the velvet chair because I could sit in it all day, overlooking the city if I had the chance to. Our view was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations. Trump Hotel has always been known for its stunning views, and this confirmed it for me! We were greeted with delicious sweets and treats along with a card to start off our staycation.

The Food

A pleasant surprise that I was NOT expecting was an amazing breakfast in bed! There is something about cozying on up in bed with a cup of coffee, fruits and pastries that not only looks beautiful but is so charming to me. We indulged in all the yummy bites and may or may not have been in sugar comas to follow. 😉

The Amenities

Bill and I worked out at the gym on Saturday afternoon and I was able to receive a body assessment and personal training session with Jeremy (you must go and see him!). I stopped by the spa for a classic massage and it was 60 minutes I wish I could have had for an eternity. I felt like a million bucks afterwards and was ready for a night out.

Night Time Activities

Bill and I went on a walk around the neighborhood (it was so nice outside!) and stopped in for a drink at one of favorite bars, Henry’s. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Sienna Tavern and headed back to enjoy the rest of the night in.

Staycation is in the books! A special Thank You to Trump International Hotel.


Next stop: Scottsdale.




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