Beauty Routine with Hourglass Cosmetics

Long summer days turn into summer nights and with that, I’ve been looking for beauty products that stay on all day, give a good glow and set the mood for the evening ahead. I have been using a few Hourglass products for awhile now, and I am so excited that I had the chance to try more and work it into my every day makeup routine! One thing that I love about Hourglass is how well it looks with all of its accompanying products and with other brands. Win win!

See below for a step by step on what beauty productsfrom Hourglass I have been wearing at events and in the evening. The saying is “It’s a LOOK,” right?

Hourglass cosmetics

Face: Serum, Primer and Moisturizers

No. 28 Primer Serum

After I cleanse my skin (I use bare minerals Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser and Huxley’s Cleansing WaterI pat Hourglass’ No. 28 Primer Serum into my skin. It is not sticky and absorbs into my skin quickly after applying it!

Veil Mineral Primer

Next, I pat on the Veil Mineral Primer all over my skin and under my eyes. I have had my hesitations about using a serum, primer AND moisturizer but this primer really locks in everything that you put on your face from here on out and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day long.

After I prep my skin, I use a moisturizer to keep my skin from going dry. I switch up my moisturizer’s depending on what I feel like my skin needs but my most used moisturizers vary between Huxley’s Secret of the Sahara Cream Glow AwakeningToo Cool for School Egg Mellow Cream and Tata Harper’s Illuminating Moisturizer.


Veil Retouching Fluid

Not sure if this is normal or not, but before I even put on foundation or eye shadow, I use the retouching fluid under my eyes for brightness, no bags (hah..), and to keep a fresh look. If I had to name one GAME CHANGER makeup product, this would without a doubt be my pick!

Graphik Eye Shadow Palette

I love the shades of brown in my Myth eye shadow palette: They are bold, crisp and fit for any occasion! The colors blend really well with one another and the colors do not crease at all.

Mascara Favorites

I have been a dedicated Chanel mascara fan for years and more recently started switching mascaras between Chanel, Lancome and Bobbi Brown. All are amazing and give my lashes double the length!


Illusion® Hyaluronic Skin Tint

Again, I have used this foundation for over a year and it was a result of snagging a sample at Sephora and loving it ever since. A little bit goes along way and I use a brush with tapered bristles (Chanel’s makeup brushes are flawless) to PAT (do not use a stroke like motion!) for my foundation application.

For a bronzer, I use Lancome’s Dual Finish Highlighter. It goes on super smooth and even a little bit shows!

Ambient Lighting Palette

Another product by Hourglass that I swear by. This palette is great for the finishing glow, showcasing your cheekbones, and an overall luminous look. I switch up using the ambient lighting palette and the single Ambient Lighting Powder and Veil Powder Brush. Depends on how much of a luminous look I am going for but to be honest, you can’t go wrong with either, or by using both!


Girl Lip Stylo

You’ll notice I usually wear darker lip colors year round, but I am expanding my lip color horizons and going with more berry colors for summer. I love how the application is great for lining your lips and filling i n everything at the same time. Highly recommend Hourglass lip colors- their shades are amazing.

My makeup application doesn’t stop here. I love trying new products and the ones that stick, I use on a daily basis! I mix up what I use based on what my skin needs and what kind of look I am going for, but am open to tips and tricks + makeup products you swear by too!

Hope this inspires you to try a few new products in your daily makeup routine!




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