How to Take Care of Yourself Around the Holidays


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This month I am traveling a bunch- from Chicago to Scottsdale to Orange County and back to Chicago. I am home in Chicago for the week and it’s so important to focus on my self care and make sure my body is getting the attention it needs. Sometimes taking care of your body comes at a cost but I PROMISE you it’s worth it. And another thing that’s important to keep in mind is especially with the holidays here, it’s ok to say no to an event to take care of yourself. I am the kind of person that always wants to say yes to just about everything, and I don’t want to let anyone down, but if I am doing too much I get burned out and nobody wins in the end.

I listed a few ways I take time for myself below, and hope you have the chance to try one or two of them!

Take a workout class. Recently I have been doing a mix of classes between Studio Lagree and Barry’s Bootcamp. Think of Studio Lagree as a more intense pilates class with reformers. The class is all about slow movements, burning out your muscles and giving your core a run for their money. It is intimidating and hard I am not going to lie BUT you do get the hang of it and it is SO worth it. I have been looking to get a bit leaner muscle and I already see results after going a few times.

And then you know I am partial to Barry’s Bootcamp because I love the instructors, Barry’s mission and what they stand for. Even when I have had a slow or blah kind of day, Barry’s pushes me to give the workout all I’ve got. It’s a mix of running and floor workouts, and they focus on different parts of your body every day.

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Find a good body scrub. I recently went to the spa at the Dana hotel and tried their Orange Cinnamon body scrub. When you think of a spa you instantly think of a massage but this time I got a scrub and it was much needed to get those icky dead skin cells out of my body. It was so detoxifying too. Everyone needs a good scrub once in awhile and I loved everything about my experience.


Read a book and cozy on up. Sounds basic I know but it honestly is so good for you! I am constantly on my phone or computer and sometimes I just need to breakaway from technology, cozy on up, light a candle and read a book. Self care at its finest.


Eat healthy. During the week I tend to bring my lunch to work and watch my portions so I feel good about eating out on the weekends. Even when you eat out you can still eat healthy! I have been loving eating at True Food Kitchen, LYFE Kitchen and Naf Naf Grill when I am out and about.


Take care of your skin. Now that winter is here, I have been making sure that my skin is always moisturized and that I am stocked up. My most recent favorite is ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra by Nu Skin. This product keeps skin so moist and firm- these little capsules are MAGIC. Fun fact is the ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra gives you a more defined and youthful appearance and even helps the natural contour of your face! Say hello Nu Skin and buh bye Kimmy K’s contouring kit.


What do you do when you take time for yourself?



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