New York Fashion Week: What I Learned

 I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to my adventures throughout New York Fashion Week. Do I blog about my outfits? The city itself? I decided I’ll first start off writing about the shows Meghan and I attended, what we learned and what we would do differently next time. A mini “how to go to NYFW guide” if you will.

Dress: Recently purchased at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue but only on Amazon! Similar HERE. Boots: Steve Madden // Hat: Urban Outfitters (Similar HERE)

So you want to go to New York Fashion Week

Meghan (of Lincoln Park Minute) and I started out by looking at the official lists of shows that were going on, deciding what shows we wanted to attend, and finding the appropriate contacts for each brand. It got tricky at times because some brands have an in house public relations team while others work with an agency. It was a fair amount of searching but one click led to another and we were able to get in touch with the appropriate contacts.

Where to stay

I am all for hotels but more recently when I am traveling to NYC, I have been super happy with Airbnb and this time, our stay was great! Meghan and I stayed in Hell’s Kitchen area, blocks away from Times Square but on a quiet tree lined street. The apartment itself was fully stocked with all kitchen and bathroom necessities, and had an adorable patio with twinkle lights! It was cozy, updated and perfect for us both as we weren’t there much to begin with because we were so busy! When you are in NYC and want something nice but low cost, I would recommend Airbnb for sure.

Where to eat

I know why New Yorkers are so skinny- it’s because fitting in time to eat lunch and dinner is almost impossible! I am only kidding but we did have to make time to grab a snack because we were always on the go! We had two lovely meals- one at Dominque Bistro in Greenwich Village and another great meal at Altesi. We were so full afterwards but enjoyed the delicious food, wine, and ambiance. When in NYC, I would definitely recommend these hot spots!

The Shows

Meghan and I went to 8 shows total (WOWOWOW…) and for some, they were so beautiful I got choked up at times! Leanne Marshall was my favorite show overall- the dresses were stunning and rest be assured, sheer material, shades of pink and lace isn’t going anywhere this spring. I always felt so refreshed after each show: it was like your given this bundle of inspiration that makes you so excited to start crafting your own style. I cannot wait for spring! See below for a full list of shows Meghan and I went to:

NYFW Collection Show – Oxford Fashion Show

Banana Republic Presentation with Olivia Palermo

Mac Duggel

Arts Hearts Fashion Show

The Fashion Diary Showcase

Dan Liu

LeAnne Marshall

Lisa N. Hoang

Samantha Lebowitz

Key Learnings from NYFW

With all of the running around Meghan and I did came a few key learnings that I am happy to share if you ever have an interest in going to NYFW. I was SO happy to just be there but did take note of a few things for my next NYFW experience:

  • Start planning your trip to NYFW at least 3 months in advance. Meghan and I sprinkled in time here and there to plan for NYFW but we are all human and have a lot going on in the present that it is hard to plan that far in advance for the future. Even 1-2 hours a week leading up to NYFW will help so much. We had a fully built out itinerary that was our NYFW bible along with excel sheets filled with shows we wanted to go to and prime photo spots.
  • Always follow up with the person you RSVP’d with. PR agencies and brand representatives plan so early in advance and talk to so many people on a daily basis. Make sure to follow up (but not overdo it) and let them get to know you as a person. Great to make connections for future shows!
  • Always get to shows early. There are a lot of people trying to do the same thing you are, so I would recommend getting to shows at least 30-60 minutes early. They always run late too, so make sure you have a bottled water, charged phone and sandals to change into so you aren’t hurting! The time goes by quickly, but again, be the first in line so you are guaranteed a spot inside!
  • Bring snacks while you’re on the go. I know I said this before that sometimes we barely had time to eat, but I mean it! Bring a few larabars or Rx bars along for a quick snack because you have to take care of yourself and make sure your body is in its best shape! PS did I mention Meghan and I took a Barry’s Bootcamp class Saturday morning? We felt like we could conquer the world after a full body workout. Walking into fashion week like *Insert sassy girl emoji here*.
  • You don’t have to go to every after party or event. You really don’t. Taking care of yourself is what is most important and you want to be alive and well for the big events so sometimes, the little events don’t matter. I think Meghan and I did a great job making sure we had some downtime in between shows and we were in bed by a reasonable hour. Could we have slept more? Of course. But we made the best out of all that we had going on and had a blast while doing it!

So you might be wondering, would I go again to NYFW. My answer is an enthusiastic YES. I think my favorite part of NYFW was getting to meet people from all over the world, who share similar passions as me, and learn their story. It makes me excited thinking about the future and who else I am destined to meet- and I am so grateful for everyone I have met thus far! Some of you who know my theatre roots and love for Broadway know why I am so drawn to New York. Others might know that I have always had an interest in fashion and if there is one place to express yourself, it’s New York. For both of those reasons and beyond, I continue to be mesmerized by the city, and I know I will be back soon.



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Jasmin N

My ultimate dream has been to visit NYFW and one day I will, I’m sure of it. This was super helpful 🙂


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Girl you look stunning!! It seems that you had so much fun!


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