New York Fashion Week 2018

fashion week

One day, I want to be sitting front row at Tom Ford’s New York Fashion Week show.

One day, I want to see Nicki Minaj and Cardi B battle it out in real life.

One day, I want to look back on all of today’s sleepless nights, whirlwind of adventures and countless ideas and smile big.


Sometimes I feel as though “I’m 25 years old and it’s too late to accomplish what I want to do in life” and other times I think to myself “Oh Lexi, keep working hard and this too will pay off.” I remind myself that I can’t wait around and sit on my dreams because every time I accomplish a goal, I want more and it gives me the drive to work harder.


So what about this year’s New York Fashion Week? It blew last year’s out of the water! I’m coming out of Fashion Week with a pocket full of new relationships, new memories, and ideas for my next fashion week whirlwind. Other than Meghan and I’s feet disowning us for the rest of eternity from wearing too many heels, our week was filled with back to back meetings, shows, events and brand meet ups.

In case you’re wondering, NYFW Spring/Summer 2019 showcases the upcoming trends for spring and summer. *Think of NYFW as a preview for the seasons ahead and a first look at upcoming styles.* While it was feeling like all things fall due to New York’s rainy weather, bright shades of pink and pops of red took the runways front and center, and are going to be what you see very soon.

My favorite shows were ICY Presents: Supernova and Romeo Hunt. Bright neon colors and athleisure is going to be popping with sass this spring and I love it every bit of it. As far as my outfits went, EVERYTHING is linked below! One key learning from last year is everyone wears whatever they want and they highlight their personal style, not what style should be. That said, I love a little bit of everything! I wore bright colors, new cuts and even did my hair/makeup differently on some days too! Because why not right?

I am so interested to hear what outfit/style you liked the best- thank you for always following along on my adventures and leave a comment below letting me what you think or any questions you have!



My Fashion Week Outfits

Paint the Town Red

Jacket // Skirt // Crop Top // Shoes // Handbag

fashion week fashion week

Dot your I’s and Cross your T’s

Dress // Purse // Shoes 

fashion week fashion week

Laced with sass

Top // Skirt // Shoes 

fashion week fashion week

Come with me, to the Emerald City

Dress // Shoes // Bag

fashion week   fashion week fashion week

Quick interruption here- Meghan and I stopped by my ALL TIME FAVORITE STORE KREWE + CLUB MONACO to check out their fall collection. Look at this gorgeous coat! Shop online or in store to see all of their beautiful pieces.


fashion weekclub monaco

New York Classic

Dress // Shoes // Earrings (another fave is linked!)

Revolvefashion week

Pouring rain, but make it FASHION

Jacket // Top // Skirt // Shoes 


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