My top three go-to workouts all year long

Hi friends! As we head into the holidays, it’s even harder to find the time to get my workouts in. Even though we are stuck at home for the most part, the motivation to workout is tough (read more about how I stay motivated here!)! I’m an evening workout gal to the bone and since I am not a morning person, I have to find the workouts that are the best for me. Read more below about my favorite workouts.

Cycling: If you’ve been following me, you know I love a good cycle session at Studio Three. Given the times we’re living in, Studio Three continues to adapt with grace throughout it all, and as of now you can reserve a bike and ride along to a curated playlist or to your own jams – you pick! and it’s totally safe (ten people max, and lots of social distancing!) Studio Three has so many safety precautions throughout their studio, I have never felt unsafe, and their team is just the best.

HIIT: Studio Three also offers outdoor classes and my go-to is their 45 minute HIIT class. You are on your feet, back and stomach with so many different workouts you will be so sore in all the right ways the next day.

Yoga Sculpt: When I can’t catch a workout class, I am obsessed with Obe’s 28 minute workouts. I feel the burn instantly and little to no equipment is needed! (My go to is my yoga mat and three pound weights!) Great for my late night work crew who need a workout on demand!

What’s your favorite kind of workout? Are you a cyclist like me? Or a hardcore weights fan?! Let me know in a comment below!



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