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It’s about time I shared a few of my favorite hair products that I have been using for years! I am so excited to share my favorite hair products (aka hair weapons!) that I swear work wonders when I style my hair. With hot summer days around the corner, no doubt will I be using my go to products to protect my hair from the summer heat! My most used hair products that I HIGHLY recommend are linked below which includes products I use with wet hair and products I use for styling.

EVA NYC Mane Magic- 10 in 1 Primer: This primer does just about anything and everything when it comes to hair and I love it. With my hair I notice the primer really helps with making my hair soft, shiny and reducing any frizz.

Moroccan Oil: I have been a dedicated Moroccan Oil fan for years because it helps keep my ends from getting dry and keeps my hair in good health. One important tip with Moroccan Oil is that I ONLY use it on my ends. I tend to get oily on my roots rather easily, so I take with caution and a little goes along way!

BeachWaver – Pro 1-Inch Professional Rotating Curling Iron: 99.9% of all my photos I share with waved hair, I use the beach waver to get the perfect waves! It is SO easy to use and my waves usually last for 2+ days. I have on my to do list to make another how-to video with the beach waver.. so more to come soon!

Virtue Final Shaping Hairspray: Virtue products are INSANELY great and here is why: they have something for every type of hair. I am a huge fan of using Virtue’s hairspray before I use Ouai’s texturizing spray and they work well together for the perfect hold.

Ouai Texturizing Spray:When my lovely hair stylist Alex Brown used this product on me for the first time, I instantly fell in LOVE. It is light on my hair and is the perfect combo between dry shampoo and hairspray. I use it after I have styled my hair how I like it, and it works MAGIC.

What are your go to hair products that you swear by?! I am always down to try new products that help keep hair long and gorgeous! Leave a comment below and share your favorite products.



Photo by Beachwaver



Your hair length and tHickness is #goals. Any tips for growing out long thick Hair??


    Hi Morgan! Thanks for your kind words! I recommend using Moroccan Oil on your ends and trying Vital Proteins! Vital Proteins is collagen and helps with hair growth. My hair is naturally long and grows fast but both have helped even more with hair length and thickness for sure! I like putting a scoop of VP in my coffee every morning- their collagen creamer is great!

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