My Hospital Bag: What I ACTUALLY Used

Nothing like feeling overly prepared before going into labor, am I right? Before I went into labor, I shared what I was packing in my hospital bag (check out the posts HERE and HERE) and after going through a labor and delivery that didn’t exactly go as planned, I wanted to share what I ACTUALLY used in my hospital bag.

The Stars of the Show

MANY people kindly shared the hospital provides just about everything you need and while true, I will say that sometimes it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option / the most functional. Example! The hospital does provide you with a Peri bottle for all things south of the border, but the one they provide you with is not user friendly and is well.. not the best. Believe me when I say bring your own and spend the $13 on this one. Getting one that is upside down is KEY for easy to use / easy cleaning / RELIEF!

BRING YOUR OWN POST PARTUM DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR. Yes, the hospital provides you with underwear and pads – but let me tell you. There is nothing worse than not feeling protected from leakage due to wearing what feels like those disposable try on socks you use at DSW or Nordstrom Rack…but in underwear form. Is that material going to save you in your time of need?! Heck no! Do yourself a favor and order these postpartum disposable underwear (I tried two different brands and found this brand the most comfy). God bless the kind soul who told me this on Instagram!

BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW. Not linkable but IMPORTANT. Bring two! You will be 100000x more comfortable I promise.

Get the portable fan. I was so hot so often, especially when you are mostly on bedrest in the hospital, you get warm staying in the same place! This fan was 10/10 and a great price!!

What I did NOT end up using…

I thought about just about anything and everything possible to pack. In case the world was coming to an end, I was prepped and ready to have this baby. I will say, there were a few things I didn’t even touch.

My own Pajamas. Listen, to each their own but when you are in so much pain and discomfort and you will likely have a catheter in to help you go to the bathroom, wearing your own pajamas are the least of your worries. If anything, bring a GOWN and not pants (stringing a catheter through pajama pants when you are changing undies is NOT the vibe…). But in all honesty, the hospital gown is just fine and you can ask for a fresh one as often as you would like!

Nursing bras. You *will* need them when you get home, but at the hospital you get really close REAL quick with the doctors and nurses. Save some room in your hospital bag and leave your nursing bras at home.

Underwear. You will be besties with the postpartum undies I linked above. Don’t bother bringing your own (everyday) undies. Again, save some space.

What I Packed, continued

I am linking my MOST USED hospital bag items below along with a quick brain dump :).

My hospital bag itself was beyond perfect (LOVE the camel color!). It has so many pockets to stay organized, was super durable, and chic! Can’t say enough good things about it! Ps – I have the same branded diaper bag too and it is A+The rubber sandals were clutch not only to use in the shower but to leave the hospital in because they were the only thing my feet would fit in because my feet were so swollen.

The hospital will provide numbing spray but for whatever reason I liked the Dermoplast brand way better and I was glad I brought my own. Felt like it really really worked.

The portable noise machine is great for both you and baby to drown out noises!

BodyArmor Lyte drinks are my all time favorite and help with breast milk production! Peach mango flavor or bust!

The Boppy nursing pillow is great for nursing and also for support when family and friends are at the hospital and want to hold your baby!

Cozy socks are SO comfy. Pack them!

The 10 foot iPhone charger is a must. Purchase two – one for you and one for hubs!

My doctor recognized the Laneige lip sleeping mask and said every new mom on the post-partum floor had it out to use!

I was so happy I brought my own shampoo and conditioner. There is nothing like that first shower after giving birth and my bougie shampoo and conditioner made me feel a little more normal.

OK that is all for now! Hope this helps all my soon to be mamas!



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