Mattress Shopping: Why I Chose Allswell

I’ve had the same mattress for four years. When I moved out of my college dorm into my first apartment, I wanted something low cost and something that was in between firm and soft. Complete transparency I went with the lowest of low cost option available and it served me just fine for the next four years. But when year 5 came around, Bill and I both decided it was time to look into new mattress options.

Another factor that went into Bill and I wanting a new mattress was because I had been thinking more about my sleep cycle – I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night and when I wake up in the morning I still feel EXHAUSTED. Getting out of bed is like taking me limb for limb from the coziest cloud to a jail cell. Descriptive much? Yes but it’s the truth! I later thought, could my mattress be affecting my sleep? After much thought, Bill and I decided it was time to get a new mattress.

Bill and I both knew we still wanted a firm mattress but with a memory like feel. That’s where Allswell came in!

Our Thoughts on Allswell

Bill and I went with the Luxe Classic Firmer Hybrid Mattress . What attracted us most was it still gave a firm but plush feel. It has height (12 inches!), a cooling effect so you don’t wake up hot (that’s the worst feeling and I have not woken up in a sweat since we received our mattress!) and the quality is great. Not to mention, Allswell is super affordable compared to other mattresses on the market that focus on memory foam like qualities.

Delivery was super easy too! I am familiar with boxed mattresses and I love how easy it is to unpackage the mattress and set it up. It expands in minutes into a plush pillow-like cloud and BOOM. Sleeping like a baby. OH and in case you were wondering, Harper and Aspen love their new mattress too.

Fast Facts

  • Allswell has a 10-year limited warranty
  • 100-night trial
  • $645 for a Queen

All in all, it’s been two months and Bill and I love our Allswell pick. We are doing a bit of redecorating to the apartment (more to come soon!) but this was the perfect add on to enhance our sleep (and self care!). Leave any questions you have below and happy to help answer!



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