Major Key: Vital Proteins

You may have seen coworkers or friends put this magical powder in their coffee or smoothie and wondered, what does it actually do? I am all for making sure my body gets the right nutrients it needs, so when I learned more about Vital Proteins and then tried it for myself, I was really impressed by the results. Vital Proteins is grass-fed collagen peptides and for those of you who might not know what collagen is, it’s a protein found in our bodies most abundantly in our bones, skin, muscles and tendons. Cool, Lex. So what? SO our bodies might not have as much collagen in our body as we would like and that’s where Vital Proteins comes in to save the day. It helps with hair growth, skin, nails, bones and joints. Where did I see the most significant results? Hair growth and healthy hair for sure. My hair grows relatively quick to begin with, but my hair SPRUNG after a month of using a scoop of VP in my coffee or smoothie everyday… not to mention it has a super smooth texture and shine to it. One morning I had to do an awkward double take in the mirror because my eye lashes looked abnormally long and I didn’t even put mascara on yet! So all in all, it works and it tastes good too. I like the vanilla and coconut water flavor but they do have unflavored options too! I usually use the vanilla and coconut water flavor in my coffee during the week and beauty greens coconut vanilla flavor in my smoothies on the weekend.

Vital Proteins is such an easy add in to my daily routine that now I’m at the point where something is off if I don’t have it in my coffee or smoothie! There are so many recipes that you can mix it in yummy goodies too.. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. As for now, I am taking this amazing find as a major key to help jump start my day and overall health and wellness.

Happy Friday!



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