How To Stay Motivated: My Fitness Routine

Let me start off and say the truth: it’s hard to stay motivated! From the beginning of quarantine to this very moment being busier than I’ve ever been (both life + work), sometimes the last thing I want to do is workout. Which also means I will need to shower, wash my hair, blow dry it… all my lady friends out there know it’s an additional 10 steps we have to do every time we work out. The things we do to stay fit and motivated.

In the end though, it’s so worth it. Once I sign up for a class at my local studio, Studio Three, I know I am going to get the perfect sweat in. In case you haven’t stopped in to my favorite studio, Studio Three offers so many different classes: yoga, HIIT and cycle are their main classes and they also take a few classes outside (HIIT and body burn classes) and host them in their outdoor spaces in River North and Lincoln Park! I know it can be a bit scary thinking about doing an indoor workout class, but I have never felt more motivated, safe and confident in my studio! They clean and sanitize using the best methods possible, and have tech savvy temperature checks that everyone takes before they check in for their class.

If you have your doubts about an indoor class, please give Studio Three a chance and let me know what you think! I know you will love it and feel great about it but just in case, try their outdoor arena classes too! SO good and you either use weights (they are always sanitized!) or full body weight, depending on the class!

But how do I motivate myself to workout? Like I said earlier, it is HARD but here are a few ways I motivate myself:

  • I plan my workouts in advance as much as possible. Even if it’s only a week before a workout, I try my best to make time for myself. My workouts are my time. Even if I get asked to grab a drink with a friend, wine night, dinner, shopping.. you name it… I have to turn it down because I made a commitment to myself and I won’t let myself down.
  • Set attainable goals. I wish I could workout 7 days a week for an hour every day, but unfortunately that’s not realistic. What I can do is be reasonable, know what I have going on, and set attainable goals like 3-4 workouts a week. Something that doesn’t stress me out and I know I can do.
  • I know this one sounds lame but even on my lowest days when I am feeling tired and I don’t feel like working out is possible, I drink coffee or a caffeinated pre-workout drink (I love Great Lakes Gelatin) to give me the last spurt of energy to help get me through my workout. I tend to forget about my tiredness and look forward to my workout once my energy kicks in.
  • I support myself. I am not the skinniest, fittest, toned etc etc etc person out there. But I am my own biggest fan and I make sure I know that! You must give yourself the support you give to others, and commend yourself for getting your butt to class! I feel this amazing energy from the instructors at S3 all the time, and I try to implement it to myself when I need it.
  • It sounds corny I know, but when I feel good in what I wear, it’s a total confidence booster during my workouts. I love wearing Fabletics, Carbon38 and Lulu Lemon workout gear… they make me feel like I can actually do anything and get the job done!

What keeps you motivated and gives you that extra boost to do those extra push ups and squats? I hope this motivates you in all the positive ways and for my Chicagoans out there, give S3 a try, you won’t be disappointed :).



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