How to Curl Your Hair: Big Wavy Curls

FIRST VIDEO ON THE BLOG. You never know until you try right? But hey, here is a hair curling tutorial video for you and I hope your curls turn out AMAZING. Long overdue I know but I’m excited to show you how I curl my hair and get big wavy curls, step by step. Disclaimer, it is a little long but I did want to take my time for those who want to know the process from start to finish. If you got it by the first few minutes in, feel free to speed ahead!

I can curl my hair in about 15-20 minutes, and once you get the hang of it, you might be able to set new records. A quick summary about what I talk about in my video is below- please leave a comment if you have any questions. Happy to help!

Washing your hair

I wash my hair as normal, using shampoo and conditioner. I have been using Fekkai products (both their Shampoo and Conditioner!) for awhile now and my hair really takes well to the product.

Post Shower Hair Products

Once I am done washing, I brush my hair out and use my Sexy Hair products (Silk Finish Featherweight Serum and Core Flex Leave In Reconstructor) starting from my head and making my way throughout all of my hair. Then I use Moroccan Oil but just on my tips because I do not want my roots to get oily really fast. After I use these products, I flip my hair over and it blow dry it so it is 100% dry. I do NOT use a round brush. If anything I just use my fingers to get through my hair but other than that, a simple blow dry.


So you washed your hair, used products, and blow dried it out. I like to tease my hair before I curl it because I do not want the curls to come out after I am done curling and begin to tease. I do two sections on both sides and one in the back. In my video I use my Paul Mitchell Pro Tools teasing brush and Garnier Fructis maximum hold hairspray before I actually start teasing. I start with the top part of hair and then tease another section more at eye length. I don’t take the tease too far away from the root of my hair, and brush out any frizz on top afterwards. In the back, I only take one section, hairspray, tease and comb out. Voila! Give it a little fluff and you have your tease on.


Start by dividing your hair into 2-3 sections and you are going to want to start with the bottom section first. I simply rubber band the rest of my hair on the top of my head- no artistry to it at all. I take a small-medium size of hair for each piece. If it doesn’t curl as tightly as you would like it, try dividing the piece into two.

I always use my ISO Professional curling rod (I have had it for 6+ years- it is the BEST). It comes with interchangeable sizes, but I prefer the one inch size although I do switch it up once in a while. You always point the tip of the rod down, and curl the hair in front of the rod starting at the base and making your way down. Hold the end of your hair as close to the rod as possible (without burning your fingers!) and hold it for about 5-6 seconds. Once you let go of the curled strand of hair, just let is gracefully fall of the rod and do not brush through it with a brush or with your fingers!

Make your way through section one, two and three and once you get to the top of your head, fix any last minute pieces and take your hand, give both sides of your head a good scrunch (HOLD YOUR HAND THERE WHILE HAIRSPRAYING) and hairspray all over. Also hairspray your ends separately and give your ends a little scrunch too.

Last Minute Tips

Once you are done curling your hair, do NOT brush your curls with a brush or with your fingers! I never do. It helps the curls stay longer as they are going to fall throughout the day anyways.

Tease before you curl your hair. I think if you tease your hair after you curl, it takes the curls out and makes it look messier. Preserve your locks by teasing in advance, using hairspray under the hair by the roots before each tease, and comb out on top so your hair doesn’t look ratty or frizzy.

Use Moroccan oil only on your ends. You don’t want your hair to look oily on your roots after a day or two, so give your ends a little bit more TLC and only use it there. Your curls should last 2-3 days if you use a strong hairspray, and you don’t want your hair to look oily. (I usually workout 1 day out of the three days when I have my hair curled and I normally never touch it up- it stays wavy the whole time. I just use dry shampoo/ baby powder on my roots after a workout!)

SO. How did your hair turn out?! I am excited to hear how your curling adventure goes. Thanks for everyone’s love and support- until the next video!



A HUGE THANK YOU to Meghan of Lincoln Park Minute for helping me film the video. Love ya<3

Hair Curling Tutorial



I cannot wait to try this when i get home. I loVe my naturally big and curly hair but i love the look if some addeD curls. And teasing bedore curling?! Genius! Ill be sure to send a snap of the finished prosuct.

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