How Music Makes Me Move: My Top Playlists

This has been a post I have been wanting to write for a long time, and it’s because I want to carefully articulate the exact feelings and emotions in this blog post to answer the question: how music makes me move. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, music has been my absolute clutch through every stepping stone in my life. Sounds weird, right? Of course those closest to me always have my back, and never let me down, but sometimes when those people aren’t around me and I am alone, music is always the last one standing. I have come to crave music. Bizarre at first thought but think about it a little more, and you too might agree it is a good craving to have. There will be times where I am stressed out or am thinking about too many things at once, and in those exact moments I stop what I am doing to listen to songs that apply to my life the most.

It’s the heart twisting, tear jerking, perfectly curated words, melodies and rhythms that make me move. When I say ‘move’ I’m not just talking about dancing. I am talking about taking action. Music makes me brave, tells me it’s going to be OK, and let’s me know that I am not the only person out there that feels the way I do.

This goes for happy songs, sad songs, and all the songs in between. When I go on runs, I don’t know what comes over me but I play music that pushes me and makes me channel this whole other person inside that I didn’t even know existed. This version of Lexi doesn’t just run, she sprints. And man oh man does she sprint fast. Whatever it is that I channel that comes from deep down, music is the reason why and it makes me move. The last time I ran a mile in seven minutes or less was in middle school. Fast forward twelve years later and I can do it again. Never. Did. I. Ever.

So what about my day to day? I am that girl with an extra pep in her step jamming on my perfect Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones up Michigan Avenue on my way to work, where it’s just me, the music and everything I see around me. The honking horns and loud noises are tuned out (thanks to my Beats by Dre) as it’s just me and my Beats cruising up Michigan Avenue, hearing every instrument, every riff, and every beautiful note.

I am also that girl jamming to music on my Beats after work en route to a dinner or an event, listening to uplifting mood boosters, emotional songs or bad ass power songs depending on my mood. When I have the chance to listen to music at any given moment, I do because even when the streets are rather quiet on my walk home, I will sing out loud.. and later be embarrassed when someone comes out of nowhere and hears me belting a high note. At least I am looking trendy with my rose gold beats while doing it right? *wink wink

Why does it matter? I wanted to share a few of my go to playlists on Spotify that make me crave music and inspire me to take action. My music taste isn’t for everyone, but if there is one person that enjoys the same kind of music as I do and feels inspired by it, I feel like the heart and soul that went into creating this post and my playlists was worth it.

Lex and the City: My personal picks of uplifting tunes spreading all of the good vibes. (Music Inspo: ZAYN, Robin Schulz, Maroon 5)

Summer Beats: Because summer is here to stay and I am going to live every day like it’s the last day of summer. (Music Inspo: The Knocks, Marshmello, Cheat Codes, Flume)

City Jams: This is the playlist I am most likely listening to on my way to and from work everyday. It makes me fall in love with my city over and over again! The tunes that I selected are beautiful in my eyes (and ears) so it makes me think of my beautiful city in the same way. (Music Inspo: Leon, JT, Kygo)

Fire and Ice: This is the playlist that pulls at the heart strings. I say this in a good way, but sometimes we need to tap into our hearts and address however it might be feeling. This is the playlist that speaks to my heart, and is from the heart too. (Music Inspo: John Legend, James Bay, Leon Bridges)

How does music make you move? I hope it ignites a fire within you like it does for me, and sparks something that is fearless and amazing.



This post was in partnership with Beats by Dre. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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