Home Decorating: Our Living Room

Ever since I was a little girl, trips to the mall meant stopping in at Z Gallerie to ooh and aah over the plush velvet couches, fashion centric wall art and stunning decor. I always told my mom I want my home to be straight out of a Z Gallerie catalog, and now I am ecstatic to make my dream come true! While I tend to define my style as a mix of boho, chic and modern, it always leads back to one word at the end: glam. And I knew I had to bring lots of glam into our new home, especially the living room!

Decorating Our New Home

Since we moved at the end of March, it’s been a ton of organizing, renovating and decorating since! I’ve been excited to decorate our home but I have come to terms with the fact that everything was not going to happen over night. Our home is bigger than our previous one bedroom apartment, and while Bill and I get through our to dos… we also remember to cut ourselves some slack because we can only do so much between our jobs, life, etc. Moving, renovating and decorating is A LOT and it takes time! I know I am not alone here… Bill and I are good at prioritizing, but we can’t have things completed overnight, and that’s ok, because we remain positive and remind ourselves (and still do!) that it will be worth the wait.

The Living Room

We LOVE our home for many reasons and having a huge bookshelf to decorate was one of them. We painted the bookshelf white (it was originally a dark color) to make the room brighter and from there it was time to decorate our bookshelves! Something that I love about bookshelves too is you can always rearrange and change it up over time and the staple pieces from Z Gallerie are perfect in the sense that I can move them around if I want to do a refresh!

Our main color hues were gold, pink and grey so we could add in other pops of color if we want over time (love a pretty blue and green!). One thing we did realize as we began decorating our shelves was that we have a lot to decorate (😂) and we need to add more books (to a bookshelf.. ha!) but again, in time we will have everything completed and we are excited to share with everyone as our home continues to evolve!

Z Gallerie has amazing pieces for the home, big or small and you can honestly add so much flare to a space because their pieces are so unique but can also go with a lot too! They have an array of vases with different textures, and decor that is different in shapes and sizes. Our pink quartz display is my personal favorite as I have been looking for one for the longest time! I promise you won’t be disappointed with Z Gallerie’s selections.. they add so much to a home! I have supported Z Gallerie for years and was so grateful for the opportunity to work with them on our decor as we start out as new home owners.

In the coming weeks we are getting a new couch (yay!!) so even more home updates to come (including videos!)! Thanks for joining our home journey with us – everything on our shelves is linked below!



This post was in partnership with Z Gallerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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