Hi, it’s been a while

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared random thoughts and updates on my blog and I thought I would say hello. Currently writing from 34,000 feet in the air because Bill and I are headed to California!! It was super last minute if we were going to go especially with everything going on, but I haven’t seen my family since Christmas (8 months!!!!) and Bill and I really wanted to make it happen. So.. here we are!

I definitely had a moment as we went through security and walked through the airport – last time I was at an airport was in March – a week before lock down. The airport was quieter than usual but busier than expected with the biggest difference being everyone wearing masks, for good reason of course. There were a few travelers we overheard that you could tell they were traveling for the first time in ALONG time – WILD!

As I walked through the terminal, I had a moment of realization that the millennial generation is going to be the generation to make safety trendy. We HAVE to feel comfortable flying, traveling and enjoying the little things in life again. The sooner millennials as a whole can show we care and are being safe AND doing the normal things in life that we want to do, the faster we are able to ease anxiety around the pandemic, and more and more people will trust in the safety of others, which leads to normalcy.

I am scared for the world as a whole. It is broken in a number of ways, and the wound caused by the pandemic is one that will take some time to heal. On the flip side, Bill and I were talking a few days ago about what we would be doing this summer if the world was normal and we came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be that much different to be honest! We would have gone out to new restaurants, done outdoor activities and taken a few roadtrips regardless of what’s going on. The only thing that’s the biggest difference is we probably would have taken more trips together. We both would have been traveling a lot more for work too, but that’s the biggest difference.

The new norm has really put life into perspective. I always thought looking at a skyline was the prettiest site, or watching the sunset brought a feeling of peace, but now more than ever it’s like I am seeing these things for the first time and am that much more grateful for these moments. They cost nothing, they are safe, and they are beautiful. If there is one thing I am grateful for, it is to enjoy the little things in life – the laughs, the sunsets, the moments when happiness reached an all time high.

While feeling very grateful, there is of course worry around the future. I have NO idea if Bill and I will still have our wedding come March 2021. My gut tells me not to get excited/ force something if it isn’t the right time, and I have accepted that. We both agree that safety comes first and we would never put pressure on our friends and family to come to a wedding if it wasn’t safe. And trust me when I say we are NOT about to pay for a wedding to have anxiety and worry in the air… and to not have as many people come! It has felt weird since covid because it doesn’t really feel like we are getting married – yes we are planning as though it will happen but the unknown creates such a grey space and we haven’t been able to celebrate our future marriage too much other than shortly after becoming engaged. When I think about it in deep thought, it of course makes me sad because I want to feel excited for something I have dreamed about for so long, but more importantly we both want the wedding to feel as normal as possible, and are willing to wait for our special day if it comes down to that decision. Love is patient.

On a happier note, our new home is coming along!! We have a few new home projects lined up: we are painting the master bathroom a fun color to bring some contrast to the space and are working on the entry way in the foyer! I recently shared a sneak peak of the foyer and have kept it a secret for so long because I was SO excited to share! I am a sucker for a vintage look and our home has so much character to it. Bill and I are so grateful to love where we live, and it’s been fun through all the renovations and decorating.

On the job front, I am also grateful to have a job that has shifted and adapted so quickly to the pandemic. When a disaster hits and it effects the economy, marketing and communication budgets are one of the first to get cut within a company – it’s just how it goes because dollars have to go elsewhere to keep companies afloat. Allison+Partners has been incredible throughout everything and I have never seen such strategic advisory from our company’s leaders. So many WOW moments as I listen to recommendations and strategies being shared with our clients. Allison+Partners has not laid off one employee since the pandemic and has actually won numerous new clients. Not because I work here but this agency is so SPECIAL. There was never a dull moment in public relations before but especially now – never a dull moment! And I feel even more connected with my teammates across the nation! I honestly don’t know how they put up with me and my antics ;).

While the world continues to change, I remind myself that together, we can make safety trendy and we can ALL overcome whatever comes our way. 2020 hasn’t been an easy road, and we are in need of some “precendented” times if you know what I mean. I hope you can look at the bright side of things and cherish the positive moments when they happen, because these are the moments we will never forget!



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