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A few thoughts on love in today’s blog post. It is so interesting to see people’s relationships, their quirks, their passion, and how they show their love to one another. I read the book The 5 Love Languages a few years ago, and to see how both yourself and others show their love to one another, is really a sight to see.

So what is your love language? How do you show your love? Words? Service? Gifts? Do you thrive on passion yet lack the ability to say what’s on your mind? Do you give countless gifts to show your lover you love him/her but don’t know what to say sometimes? Or maybe you say exactly what is on your mind, but lack the ability to put your words into action. Love languages are hard and can take time to really figure out what yours is.

The love language I show to others is tricky. I find myself being a combination of acts of service and giving gifts. When I tell someone I am going to do something, I always follow through because I absolutely DESPISE being disappointed and never want to be the cause of someones disappointment because I know how much it hurts. It eats at me, makes my insides cringe and my wheels never stop spinning. My mom means no harm when I am going to an event or activity and she sometimes¬†asks “why are you going there?” or “do you have to?” because she hears in my voice and spirit over the phone that I am tired, overwhelmed, and need a break. But my response has never faltered: “I said I was going to be there and I want to follow through on my word.” Again, when she asks, it comes from a good place, but I never want to be the cause of someone’s disappointment. Me being at an event or doing something with a friend might not mean much to that person, and that’s ok, but I don’t want to walk through life thinking I could have made that person sad and disappointed over something I did.

I also find myself in more tough situations, being one to give because I might not know what to say, but I want the person to know I am thinking about them and I have their back. I am honest with friends and family if it is a difficult situation and I admit that I don’t know what to say but by God am I thinking about them nonstop and love them to death.

For the love language I want to be shown is the same, acts of service. It was noted in The 5 Love Languages book that usually the way you show your love is how you want to be loved in return, and for me that is pretty accurate.¬† I have always been huge on ‘actions speak louder than words’ and I never take that for granted. I am constantly taking initiative with different tasks across the board, so when friends, family, lovers past and present take initiative, I always appreciate it and never take it for granted.

I think this is the same for those who are single and want that special someone to make a move. TAKE INITIATIVE. If you want something bad enough, regardless of the situation, you go for it. You do not sit on the side lines and see how things play out. You take initiative and get what you want. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, am I right?

I encourage you to read the book to find your love language, it is AMAZING for both the single and the taken. Feeling like you are lost when it comes to love? From one gal to another, I promise that everything will happen as it should. Don’t be hard on yourself and stay true to who you are. I don’t know everything, but I promise you it’s going to be ok.

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