Feeling Fresh: The Rose Mask Craze

Rose Mask

Rose enhanced products are popping up everywhere. From rose water to rose scented perfume, now we have rose brightening creams and face masks. From one of my earlier posts featuring Korres, it’s no surprise I am a huge fan of rose products myself. My skin tends to soak up all the nutrients and gets a good after glow from rose night creams to all day brightening moisturizers. One beauty product I have always wondered about is face masks: do they really enhance your skin and what does a face mask really do? I have tried a bunch of face masks, but time in and time again, I always find that Fresh Face Rose Mask is best suited for my skin and I always see the best results. I researched a little bit more about rose masks in particular and learned a few cool facts I thought I would share.

Here are a few facts about rose masks:

  • It is similar to a toner. I have always loved Chanel’s toner before I put on my makeup. But as far as face masks. this hydrating rose mask has real rose petals, rose water, and algae that soothes and locks in moisture to your skin.
  • Fresh’s rose face mask uses 2 and a half roses per jar (say whaaat?!) These are real roses, made to hydrate and brighten your complexion.
  • TIP: Put it in the fridge so when you apply it on your skin, it feels extra cool. This rose mask is also AMAZING after being in the sun all day!
  • You can apply the rose mask in the morning, before you put on your makeup, or after a hard day’s work. Also, it feels great to leave the mask on your face for a few minutes while you are in the shower. Find what fits best with your lifestyle!

Rose Mask
I am curious about what the next craze will be- cucumber enhancements? Lemon? All I know is Fresh has a good thing going with its rose line, as does Korres, and I love the results I am seeing.



I am really trying to get into the skincare craze everyone is in and my skin needs it in this sticky weather! having rose incorporated into the products makes me feel like it will be softer and less harsh on my sensitive skin. happy friday!


I am So down for a lemon craze! Seriously. How fresh and amazing would that smell?! Great post, babe. Happy friday!

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