Fall Fashion: Sweaters and Warm Hues

Fall is my favorite time of year and I love the more earthy and neutral colors to layer and play around with when it comes to choosing my outfit for the day! I am one to get super warm super fast- so I usually go with a scarf, top, and heavier coat if needed. By the time I get to the L you would think I was just leaving the gym. So simple layers are my preference – throw in a pop of color and you are set for the day!

Fall clothing with Top Shop Fall fashion with Lexi

Hat: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: Topshop @ Nordstrom // Jeans: The Loft // Purse: Madewell // Shoes: Steve Madden // Lip Color: Kylie Cosmetics – MOON

One thing I love about this sweater by Topshop @ Nordstrom is the unique cuts and colors. I like to wear this sweater during a nice fall day but Topshop has an array of sweaters that can easily transition from day into night! Throw in a chunky heel, loose the hat and give the hair a quick tease and bam. Wine night with the gals is ready to go.

What is your favorite fall look to rock this season? I am always looking for new inspiration!



Photography by Theresa Ferrell.

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