Easy Ladies Night In: Spa Style

This weekend was Tay’s bachelorette party and we adventured off to Breckenridge, Colorado to celebrate! The first night we went out to dinner and danced the night away at a few bars. The last night we had a ladies night in that consisted of a family dinner, games, wine, face masks, cleansers and youuuu guessed it! Pore strips ☺️.

It was so easy to get the gals together and go through a little beauty routine – in a way that’s easy on the wallet too! Read more below about what we used and what we thought about the products.

Uncle Bud’s Hemp Seed Face Mask: After we took off our makeup, we put on this face mask. The mask is white and creamy in texture, and thick on the face. We kept it on for 12 minutes until our skin was tight and washed it off after.

General consensus? All the girls LOVED how soft and clean the mask left our skin feeling, but the mask was pretty tough to take off. We recommend using a wash cloth and hot water, followed by a cleanser.

Skinfix’s Foaming Facial Cleanser: The spa like cucumber smell was so refreshing combined with a gentle, all natural cleanser was a hit among the ladies!! Loved how it left my skin feeling so fresh.

Bioré Pore Strips: I forgot how awesome these pore strips are! We left on the strips for about ten minutes and our noses were squeaky clean.

After our little beauty routine, we cozied up by the fire and enjoyed our last night together! Good thing this isn’t the end because these gals are a bundle of fun and can’t wait to celebrate Tay at her wedding!



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