Designing Pierce’s Nursery

Going to be 100% honest here. I am very skilled in creating mood boards filled with feathers, shades of pink, cats and well… feminine touches. I guess that’s what you get when you are a lifestyle blogger who loves clothes and her favorite color is pink. When we found out we were having a baby BOY I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t give in to toy trucks and dinosaurs as a nursery theme.

For now at least.

Hear me out. The time will come when our living room will be a parking garage for toy trucks and an animal conservatory filled with stuffed dinosaurs but for now, I went with a very neutral and calming nursery vibe – balanced one might say – and designed a nursery for my star. (PS did you see the video of it HERE?)

We live in a two bedroom two bathroom condo, and I will say it once and I will say it again, I love our home. The building was made in the 1920s and has original vintage touches throughout our home – our barreled ceiling in the foyer being my favorite. Our second bedroom always served as a hybrid guest bedroom and office space for me, and once we were expecting it was my goal to make the room absolutely PERFECT for Pierce and also SUPER functional.

Pierce’s nursery is a larger room, so I was excited to have space to play with. I always knew I wanted to do two accent walls, one that was a bit more ‘fun’ and the other being a bit more evergreen. The theme was always going to be ‘stars and moon’ because Pierce is my star, with hints of blue throughout.

Making the space functional

Something that was so important to me was making the space something that was 100% Pierce’s room, but also a space that is welcoming for multiple people at one time (i.e., myself, Bill and Pierce can be cozy in the room together) AND a space that can be easily transformed into a guest bedroom, should we need extra space. I mentioned before that the nursery is a decent size, so I was set on having a sleeper sofa bed as a statement piece in the room. I could not be more obsessed with our Pavo Trundle Sleeper Sofa (in Vanni Stone) by Arhaus – it is BEYOND easy to make into a sleeper sofa and it is VERY comfortable. The design of the sleeper sofa is modern with a casual aesthetic and angular frames complemented by plush, generously padded upholstery. My favorite thing about it is that it can easily blend with a broad range of decor styles… you never know it’s not too late to bring in the toy trucks! 😉 And Bill is here to support it’s comfy feel because he has been sleeping in the nursery on the sleeper sofa every night to date, as he prefers the first feeding shift around 2-3am, so we sleep separately for now so we can both get rest as best we can. I am the 5-7am shift… #teamwork.

When it’s just Bill and I with Pierce, it’s really nice to be able to have a space where everyone can sit and be comfortable. While I am rocking Pierce to sleep or feeding him, Bill and I enjoy catching up about our day while relaxing in the nursery. I think my BIGGEST piece of advise when designing your nursery is if you can fit more than one chair or even a small sofa/loveseat, DO IT. It is so nice to have an area for you and your partner to be able to sit down and catch up on life.

Other elements of the space I love? Pierce’s dresser is a stunning piece that will most definitely be with us throughout all of our life’s milestones. The St. Martin dresser (6 drawers) is made of oakwood and the finished wood surfaces are sealed and lacquered for added protection (hello baby proofing your dresser!!). I also am a FOREVER fan of Arhaus’ signature brass color and knew I had to get my hands on the Kenneth Martini Table as a small side table for my nursery chair. It is handcrafted by Indian metal artisans from cast aluminum and YES I did select a martini table for a nursery because it is #functional! Last but not least. When this space was a guest bedroom, we had the SADDEST ceiling light to exist. It was truly so sad. And when I saw the Cascade Chandelier (in blue) I just KNEW. It adds SO much to the space and in my opinion, it blends both accent walls together!

I also added two rugs with two different textures, unique lighting options that vary in height and I mixed metals where I could, adding in both black and bronze.

Everything in Pierce’s nursery is linked below. I hope you love it as much as I do!



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