Ask Me What it’s like Working Two Jobs

We walk through life on never ending deadlines. From something as small as making it to a dinner reservation on time or finishing a client presentation on time to meeting your own internal “deadline” of getting married and having kids. It’s a deadline.

I am now entering the realm of having two jobs where one of the skill sets required is: ability to meet deadlines. Gasp, sigh, breathe. The second I realized I had contracted obligations for my blog, I took a step back and thought: OK. I can make this work. Work– making sense in both terms: I can make this work within my daily life and I can make this a job too.

One of the top questions I receive daily: how do you blog and work full time? This question is answered with a deep breathe, tired eyes, and a positive spirit. Simply stated, I time manage because I want to do it all and I am not going to be defeated.

I am not alone in working two jobs

I’ve had conversations with close friends who also blog and work full time and damn am I lucky to have friends I can relate with. We have moments of defeat, talking about how we wish we could sleep in, take all the time in the world to get ready, go on photo shoots on a casual Tuesday afternoon, meet friends for coffee and spend countless hours ideating on new content ideas. When we feel rather negative about our situation, I am quick to recognize something VERY important. While some bloggers are lucky to dedicate their time solely to their blog, some and maybe majority of those same people could not do what we do: manage both and have success at it.

I work a 9-5 and sometimes longer and I’m ok with that. Actually, it’s something I am very proud of. I work at an amazing agency with truly special people, and once I leave work I am met by other creatives, in a new and refreshing environment.

Fun fact: I’ve actually always worked two jobs at the same time. In college I worked at Nordstrom (and loved it) AND I worked as a hostess at a small Italian restaurant once or twice on the weekends. When I started working in public relations, I still hostessed on the weekend and took the few slower hours before the restaurant officially opened to write, catch up on emails, and brainstorm new blog content. These jobs were of course important but they were jobs that didn’t have too many responsibilities or deadlines and I could take a mental break away from adulthood. Now working two jobs where my mind is constantly moving a mile a minute presents a whole new challenge and level of effort… especially if I want to kill it at both.

If you work more than two jobs I am your biggest fan. I am here to tell you that you’re a BOSS and not many people could do what you do everyday. Chin up, shoulders back and smile BIG because I am so proud of you.

A Glimpse Into My Day to Day

Some days, I wake up at 6am for a 7am shoot to then be in my desk, ready for a busy day’s work at 9am. I work until 5/6 and head to a blogger event that goes until 8/9 at night. If I’m lucky I’ll have a coffee before my event and if I’m really winning I’ll have a chance to stop home, freshen up, change and have a quick snack. Keyword: if I’m lucky. If I’m not so lucky, I either dress for the event at 7AM to go from work to my event or I’ll bring another outfit to change into for the event. (Sometimes my sense of fashion isn’t fit for the office and that’s ok!)

Want to hear something comical? Some brands only want to partner with influencers who blog full time. They only want to consider working with someone who can dedicate 100% of their time to a specific job. My response to that? You’re missing out on many opportunities where bloggers will work ten times harder to make you happy. For my hard working blogger gals, it’s their loss not yours.

But back to working two jobs. It’s hard, exhausting and rewarding all at the same time. I’ve imagined what my life would be like only blogging if I were to quit my day job. My honest thoughts are that it wouldn’t be consistent financially and quite frankly, my public relations mind doesn’t find it sustainable long term. There is so much more to me as a person beyond creating content for others to enjoy. I enjoy brainstorming on new campaign ideas and being the youngest person in the room for a new business pitch. I love being able to relate to others who work in similar fields and I love how Chicago is a huge hub for public relations professionals.

I guess you could say I really don’t know any better because I have always worked two jobs, and if you don’t need or want to work two jobs, all power to you. But if you are like me and work more than one job and enjoy staying active, do not get discouraged because your hard work will pay off.

Again, I am your biggest fan if you are feeling down about working two jobs. NOT MANY PEOPLE COULD DO WHAT YOU DO. My heart tells me I have the best of both worlds and to remain positive, through the good and the bad.

Inhale, exhale, and keep moving forward. You got this!





Loved reading this! I also work two jobs(one blogging). I have found it so helpful to connect with other people In a similair sitution. I look forward to seeing where 2019 takes you!


You inspire me girlfriend. Kudos to us! xo

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