Best Decor for Apartment Redecorating

Bill and I have lived together for two years and when we decided to stay at our apartment for one more year, we knew it was time to give our living room a refresh with new decor. It may sound like a waste of time but I really don’t think it is at all when at the end of the day, you get to fall in love with where you live even more. We have a fair amount of space to work within our apartment, and it just felt outdated and like we didn’t care too much so it was time for a refresh.

When I was thinking about how we would redecorate, the first thing that came to mind was getting a professional’s opinion. I needed someone to tell me this shade goes with that, and this is a unique piece to go with this. I have a certain look and feel, this I know, but I wanted to make sure that when we invested in new decor, that they all went together and we could take with us to our next home.

I was so excited when I came across Havenly and after learning more about their services, I knew it was exactly what I needed. In short, Havenly is your online interior designer and shopping hub. I was able to select the interior designer I thought matched my taste best, work with her on mood boards, review my concept and the layout of my space, shop Havenly’s website (which has all my favorite brands!), order through the platform and BAM. I saw my digital layout come to life!

Things I love about Havenly:

  • It’s affordable! They have different packages depending on what you need and you do NOT break the bank
  • Your designer responds in a timely fashion
  • After your designer picks different pieces of furniture for your review, you can note the pieces you like/dislike to ensure you and your designer are on the same page
  • I never felt like I “had” to like something. If I didn’t care for a color, I asked my designer if something could be switched out in the concept and if I could see alternative items
  • All of your orders (no matter if they are from different places like Target, Home Depot and Wayfair) are ordered through Havenly so everything is in one place
  • When I gave my designer my budget, she was very accommodating to what I wanted to spend
  • Their customer service team is super quick to respond with any questions you have
  • Shipping is free.. and fast!

The website (and app!) is so tech-savvy and I love it! I went with a rustic meets chic look with hints of pink decor and gold/grey hues. Now that I’ve started, I feel like I can’t stop decorating but I love feeling excited to come home every day to my kitty queens snuggled up on the couch with candles lit and a movie playing.

Leave me a comment below on any pieces you love and I am happy to share!


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