A Few of my Bedroom Favorites

Croscill NaturalsI will admit that I am someone who wants everything in perfect formation right away, and I’m sure a lot of people are the same way. When it comes to decorating my bedroom, I have a vision in my mind and I want it to come to life right away but I know sometimes I have to be reasonable and get things over time.

Croscill NaturalsWhen I was telling my grammy how my new apartment was, I told her how I just wanted everything to be perfect right now, and she told me a story that really resonated with me. She said when her and my grandpa bought their first house, they barely had any money but how it was such a big deal that they owned their home. They used bed sheets as window curtains because they couldn’t afford real curtains and a lot of the things they wanted had to come over time. She said with every pay check, her and my grandpa would go to the store and get a new plant for the front yard. A PLANT. My grammy said one of their neighbors who moved in had everything she wanted, right away: a cute yard, a cute home with nice decor… but where was the fun in that? My grammy and grandpa saved their money and found happiness from being able to go to the store to pick out a new plant for the yard. How precious right? From that story, I really think twice about what I actually “need” and what I “want” because for something I want, I have to work for it, like you and I, and I have to have the patience to be able to purchase it when it makes the most sense. So for now, I am very excited to share a few pieces of my bedroom and I am really excited how it is coming along!

Croscill NaturalsMy bedding is from Croscill Naturals which I absolutely love because they are so comfy, great quality and the colors go with anything. I have always loved white bedding so when I saw Croscill’s Luminous Bedding Collection, I knew there was so much I could do in my bedroom whether its change a pillow out here and there around the holidays, or give it a pop of color and layer with different hues down the line if I wanted to. One other style that I am obsessed with is glass furniture. I found the matching vanity to my jewelry dresser on Wayfair, along with the stool, and I seriously feel like i could stare at it all day (full set is here but it’s out of stock). When the sun hits it just right, it’s the “golden hour” for my vanity (I am ridiculous I know…).


And that’s my bedroom! I will share more pictures of added pieces and the rest of my apartment soon. For now, patience is virtue and I am having fun taking my time and picking out the perfect things.



Croscill Naturals



I am obsessed with that vanity + the bed! What a cute story about your grandparents too. I think at our age we try so hard to do everything at once instead of take things step by step. kudos to you for figuring that out! can’t wait to see more pics of your new place 🙂


I absolutely LOVE your bedroom, babe! It looks so beautiful. I especially love your vanity when the sun hits it. So gorg.


Always remember slow and steady wins the race girl. It’s better to have it slowly come together than rush. Still in chicago and none of my windows have curtains! Why ruin a good view right?! Love that bed girl!
xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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