3 Reasons Why People Decide to Blog

Blogging is an interesting industry both from an insider and outsider’s perspective and I am always curious what led people to begin a blog. For me, it was working with bloggers myself from a public relations stand point that made me think there were more parts to me than people knew, and I wanted to share my passions with others. Fast forward a year and a half later and I have met so many interesting and amazing people through blogging. What I have analyzed about bloggers that is so fascinating to me, is why do people choose to blog? My thoughts below are of course only my thoughts, but a lot of the time they have been formed by actual experiences and interactions that make me come to my conclusions.

People want a hobby. I want a hobby, you want a hobby, we all want a hobby and it is healthy for us! I think blogging is a great hobby for anyone because you write about topics you care about, you learn so much about photography, and you get to go to fun events on occasion that pertain to you and your lifestyle. I strongly encourage starting a blog because you might not have a sole interest in just one thing, but blogging can help you form your passion.

Blogging is a way for introverts to be extroverts, through photography and visual expression. This is a reason that applies to some but not all bloggers. I have so much respect for people who are more introverted, but put themselves in situations that forces them to be outgoing and extroverted. I think that this is something a lot of bloggers strive to practice on a daily basis, and it takes a HUGE amount of effort and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The thing that is most important when a blogger is trying to be the person they show through social media, is walking that walk in their everyday life. Time in and time again I follow or hear of bloggers who appear to be these outgoing, adventurous and charming people by way of their content and writing, and then I meet them in person and sometimes that is not the case. For some that I meet, I find it difficult to hold a conversation and I run out of words because I don’t know what to say! I even feel disappointed by those who blog that I have looked up to in the past who fall short of the person they portray to be on Instagram. It is almost like they have created this second person through visual content and writing (i.e. Instagram) of who they WANT to be or idolize to be someday, but in reality they aren’t this person. I stay true to my words that I value and respect someone who puts them self out there in situations that might be a bit nerve racking, but you can’t just turn on and off a switch as you please because who you are is someone who should be shown to the world every single day, and not just through a screen. It is disappointing when people in general aren’t who they say they are, bloggers or not, but when you have people following your story all over the world because they have taken an interest in you, the person you are, and your life, it is disheartening that the version of the blogger only exists through a screen, and not in real life. I encourage those who want to take up blogging as a way to express themselves and the person they are, to stay true to YOU and walk the walk of that beautiful person you are.

People don’t want the traditional 9-5 job. Not interested in corporate America? No sweat because running a blog is a great way to make money (LOTS of hard work but it’s possible!) and still gives you the the flexibility to make your own schedule. I get asked all the time, “would you ever do blogging full time?” And politely, my answer is no. I love blogging and all that comes along with it, but I love working in a big corporation and learning new skills and pushing myself to take chances each and every day. I love doing both and while one day I hope to be a stay at home mom and tend to all things family related, I want to leave the corporate world knowing I worked my butt off, and did the best I could do.

Whatever it is that led you to blogging, I encourage you to be the best version of yourself each and every day. I encourage you to be the exact person you show through colorful visuals and photography, and strive to inspire others to do the same. Blogging is something that I love because I get to share my passions, my city, and my overall life with others, and I want to always stay true to myself and who I am while doing it.


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