2017 Reflections and Hello 2018!


Greetings from sunny California! It feels like I have been MIA on the blog lately which was a bit intentional because I really wanted to enjoy my time off from work and step away from any kind of computers for that matter. I have been reflecting a lot about what I want to do more of and less of in 2018 and my mind led me to the things I am so thankful for. For some, 2017 may have been a scooter to the ankle (ouch…) but for others, it might have been their best year yet. And for me? I always find myself the middle man- I had my ups and I had my downs just like everyone else, but am ecstatic for the year ahead.

My highlights of 2017

  • I started Lex and the City! It has been just a little bit over a year since I started my blogging adventure and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of friends and family. I had a WOAH moment a few weeks ago when I gained 10,000 followers. TEN THOUSAND?!?! I love when I see people who are interested in public relations, ask me questions about the industry or others who ask me questions about hair styling tips and tricks. Or when people recognize me and my blog who are from out of state and say they read my travel guide to Chicago- AH. I think it is SO cool connecting with people around the world.
  • I LOVE living downtown. I can’t deny I miss living in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood but I love the views from my apartment and the fact that I can walk (WALK!!!) to work. Working next door to Nordstrom and stopping in on my way home is both a blessing and a curse, but I love it nonetheless.
  • I have been able to travel so much in 2017 and this is only the beginning. From New York Fashion week to Birmingham to Seattle to Arizona to D.C… I love being able to take my work with me wherever I go, explore new places and write about it in tandem.
  • I continue to learn new things everyday in my job and I am so thankful to wake up everyday, work with great people and come up with new and creative ideas.
  • Sometimes in the blogging realm, there can be a sense of cattiness with bloggers and it’s so unnecessary! I am lucky enough to have a group of blog pals (or blog baes as I like to call them) and we always lift each other up, congratulate the good and be there for the bad. From Erin and I wanting to collaborate on fitness posts together to Meghan and I learning about the latest and greatest beauty products to Chloe and I planning some fun photo shoots for 2018.. My gals are the best.

As far as looking ahead into 2018? Read more below for my thoughts on the year ahead.

What I want to do more of in 2018

  • Eat healthy – like actually healthy and say goodbye to sugar. I am going to try the Whole30 (can’t believe I am saying this!!!) and I am going to KILL it. Mark my word.
  • Work out at minimum 3 times a week. If this means spending money to go to Barry’s or Studio Lagree.. it is so worth it.
  • Travel. I spotted a non stop ticket to London in the spring for less than $400. You guys I am going to do it. Other places on my list of places to go: Go back to Seattle (I loved the city!), Boston, and Montreal to name a few.
  • So minor I know but putting on lotion to keep my skin moisturized 24/7 is something so little that will bring HUGE results.
  • Find happiness out of the little things and grow more of an appreciation for it. I want to feel more of the kind of an appreciation I feel similar to summers in Chicago when the energy is through the roof and you are 100% in the moment. I want to feel like that more than average.
  • Follow my heart in all that I do. I promise I will do more of this. I need to listen to my heart, trust my gut, and run with it in all that I do. Worst comes to worst? You live and you learn but I have a good feeling about 2018.
  • Support those who have supported me. Unconditional love and support is hard to come by and I want to continue to love and support those who have done the same for me.
  • Listen. Even a little can go a long way and it pays off in the long run.

What I want to do less of

  • Not have more than one cocktail when I am out and about.
  • Make excuses.┬áNot able to make it to the gym? The only one I am disappointing is myself. No one needs to hear excuses because excuses get nothing done.. so I am calling it a day and leaving excuses behind. Excuses are for the weak and 2018 I am not going to let you down.
  • Keeping my thoughts to myself. You might raise an eyebrow and wonder what this means. I say this respectfully in terms of my job: Sometimes I prefer to listen as opposed to give my ideas, but no idea is a bad idea and I want to express my ideas more often than not. You are never going to know where your idea could lead if you don’t speak up in the first place.

Overall, I am thankful for another year of good health, my family and friends, a roof over my head and a job that I love. What did you like best about 2017? What do you want to do more and less of in 2018? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Also, while my NYE outfit is going to be a bit unique this year (think metallic meets the future) check out my last post for the perfect fur coat!

Happy New Year!




Such a great post, my love! I love hearing about what you learned in 2017 and what your goalS are for 2018. I know you’ll kill ’em!

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