10 Things I Have Learned From Blogging


When I began blogging, I actually thought it would be a phase. Something that came and went, something I didn’t care too much about, and perhaps something that would fall behind me as I took steps forward. Fast forward a year later and here we are. If you were to ask me a year ago did I ever think I would go to New York Fashion Week, I would have laughed. If you asked me if I thought I would have the chance to work with great brands, I would have said, say whaaat?

Here are ten things I have learned from blogging.

  1. Blogging is a form of expression. I work in public relations full time. Working is 75% of my life… but what about the other 25%? The 25% gives me lots to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but someday I hope that percentage could be the other way around.
  2. Anyone can do it, you just have to dedicate time and effort to it. I mean it. If you feel like blogging is something you have always wanted to do, I encourage you to do so.
  3. It’s not a competition. I have been lucky to surround myself with other bloggers who are so much fun, but they support me in what I do. Hold on to the friends who share similar passions as you and give you a high five for working with a cool new brand or someone who starts jumping for joy about something you are proud of.
  4. You see things in a whole new light. I can be walking down a street I have walked down 100+ times and still find a new angle or photo spot. Sometimes I smile to myself as I walk down the same street I have walked down so many times as I think to myself, “why didn’t I think of that earlier?”
  5. It doesn’t matter if one person or one hundred people buy the dress you linked. If I could help just one person who wanted to find the perfect dress for an occasion, that would make my day. It’s like when I worked at Nordstrom and loved helping someone find a dress and see them so happy and excited to wear it. It’s not about the sale at that point. That one person matters, and it makes me so happy if I can help.
  6. It’s a great creative outlet. Public relations can get technical at times. You always have to think about the most minute details, some that are not all that glamorous. So when I get to go on photo shoots or write a post about my favorite places to go in the city or travel guides, it helps me relax and decompress.
  7. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. This goes beyond blogging. If I want to get ahead in my job, the only one who can make a difference is myself. If I want to travel the world someday, guess who has to make that happen? Me. When Meghan and I went to NYFW, we worked so hard in putting together our itinerary. Why? Because we wanted to have the best trip possible and nothing was getting in our way.
  8. You learn patience. One day I might think of ten things to write about, and I post all of them within two weeks because I was so excited. But unless it was something super timely like the Cubs winning the world series, I need to be patient. Sometimes when I think a photo is so cool, I want to post it right away, but I probably could have waited a day or two. Patience is a virtue.
  9. You can say no to opportunities. Maybe there is an event you were invited to but you feel bad saying no because it doesn’t fit within your interests. It is ok to admit that and to politely pass on the opportunity. You should stay true to you, and people will respect that.
  10. Kill ’em with kindness. Everyone you meet, whether you are a blogger or not. You never know down the road who that person might know and be able to connect you with. If there is one thing you can do, it is make a good impression and make a point to learn about others and their story.


What have you learned from blogging or from another creative that outlet you love? Thanks for reading!




I absolutely love this post! I totally agree with all of these. I think another one I’ve learned is you have to make time for blogging. I often get so busy or simply don’t feel like writing but when I set aside time to do it, I enjoy it so much and it’s an outlet for expression and creativity like you said.

Claire zalesKi

I am in love with you style!!! So cute!

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